Tournaments for 2024 will be in February and March!

The State Team and Individual tournaments will be at the Portland Expo Center on April 12 and 13.

History of the Oregon State Chess Tournament 

1967: OMSI, with the sponsorship of The Oregonian, began hosting various scholastic chess tournaments, some at the museum in Washington Park, others in Eugene and Salem in the early 1970s.

1973: Twelve (12) regions were established, and the competition featured elementary and junior high team finals as well as elementary, junior high, and high school individual finals.

1981: The Oregonian dropped its sponsorship and OMSI ceded the organizational duties to the Oregon Scholastic Chess Foundation, but continued to host the tournaments.

1984: The Oregon Scholastic Chess Foundation (started by Chess for Success co-founder Dick Roy) replaced the Oregon Chess Federation as the operating organization.  

1998: Chess for Success accepted the responsibility of running the tournaments to ensure the continuation of this long-held tradition.

2016: The tournament hit a milestone 50th Anniversary.

2020: The tournaments were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

2021: The 2021 tournaments are held virtually.

2022: The 2022 tournaments are a nixture of over the board and virtual events.

2023: The tournaments return to over the board competitions.