Individual Giving

When you support Chess for Success, you give boys and girls from kindergarten through eighth grade the opportunity to develop skills that will help them now and throughout life.

Research shows that self-esteem, behavior, and academic performance improve when kids participate in Chess for Success. That's because our lessons are built on 11 analytical, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills developed in learning to play chess that are transferable to academic performance. 

These skills include impulse control, etiquette and behavior expectations, perseverance and concentration, identification of problems and location of solutions, addressing consequences of alternatives, and assessing results and taking corrective actions.    

As one Chess for Success coach in Portland commented last spring, “This program provides students with an environment where everyone is created equally and given the opportunity to learn chess and apply what they have learned into other academic scenarios. Chess for Success also helps teach students how to respect each other, which can be applied in and out of the classroom and throughout life.”

Ways to Give

Whether you wish to make a one-time gift, make a monthly contribution of $5 or more, become a member of our Roundtable Society with a gift of $1,000, and/or add Chess for Success as your charity of choice to receive financial support when you use your Fred Meyers card or Amazon Smile, every gift is greatly appreciated and adds up!  

One Time:  Give a one-time gift online now by clicking the "Give Now" button, call us at (503) 295-1230, or send your gift by check.

Monthly Become a sustaining donor by making a monthly gift. Your ongoing investment ensures the financial stability of our programs month to month.

Workplace Giving:  Your gift could double or even triple before your eyes. Workplace giving campaigns are annual, employer-sponsored charitable campaigns that allow you and your fellow employees to support non-profit organizations through payroll deductions, cash, check, or credit card. Often, your employer will match your gift, doubling or even tripling the impact to Chess for Success. Simply select Chess for Success as recipient of your workplace giving/payroll giving. See the growing list of employers that match gifts or speak with your Human Resources/Benefits representatives.

Tribute/Memorial:  Make a gift in honor or in memory of a special person. Birthdays, anniversaries, teacher appreciation week, holidays.... Honorees, or their families/designees, will receive notice of your thoughtfulness.

Stock Transfer:  Make a donation of appreciated securities and you may receive an immediate tax deduction and savings on capital gains taxes you would have incurred had you sold the stock. (You must have held stock for at least one year to avoid capital gain taxes.) 

Legacy Giving

Retirement Assets:  Donating retirement assets, retirement plans, and life insurance policies is one of the best ways to make a gift and avoid costly income and estate taxes for your heirs. Naming Chess for Success as a beneficiary (or contingent beneficiary after the death of your spouse) of all or a percentage of your IRA, 401 (k), or other retirement plan assets can save your estate both income and estate taxes. You may also designate Chess for Success as the sole, partial, or contingent beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Planned Gift:  Bequests can be made for specific dollar amounts, a percentage of your estate, or for a remainder amount after other bequests are fulfilled. This provision can be made as part of a new will or as a codicil to an existing will or amendment to your trust. If Chess for Success is already a part of your estate plan, please let us know.

A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and Chess for Success whereby a transfer of cash of appreciated assets is exchanged for a guaranteed, fixed payment for life or a fixed term of year. Payments may begin immediately or be deferred to a later date. The annuity payments can be quite high (relative to CDs and money market accounts) and you will receive a charitable deduction for the year in which you make the gift. A portion of your income stream may even be tax-free.

A charitable remainder trust provides a way to make a gift and receive an income stream. Assets are placed in an irrevocable trust that provides you/your beneficiaries with an annual payment for life or a specified period of time when the trust dissolves and Chess for Success receives the remaining assets.

A charitable lead trust is similar to remainder trust in many ways, except instead of you or your loved ones receiving an income stream and Chess for Success receiving the remainder, the opposite happens: Chess for Success receives an income stream and you/your loved ones receive the remainder of the assets at the end of the trust. You receive an immediate tax deduction for the present value of the income stream you are giving Chess for Success. By leaving the remainder to a loved one, you can receive gift and estate tax benefits.

Please contact our Development Office to learn more about Legacy Giving options.

Kristen Fitzpatrick, Community Outreach Director
503-295-1230 Ext. 103 or 800-285-7660
Fax: 503-295-4098
Address: Chess for Success, 2701 NW Vaughn St, STE 101, Portland, OR 97210

Chess for Success has been recognized for fiscal responsibility. We received the Light a Fire 2009 “Most with the Least” award for providing programming at an average cost of $150 per student. In September 2014, we received distinction as a “BBB Accredited Charity” for meeting all 20 Better Business Bureau Giving Alliances Standards for Charity Accountability. We remain good stewards of the funds entrusted to us.

Chess for Success is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization: Tax ID 93-1208405