Individual Ways to be a Part of Chess for Success

The King's Court is Open! Which Gambit Will You Choose?

The King's Court is our exclusive monthly giving club that, as a member, gets you access to some amazing additional privileges. The King's Court is exclusively for those who are signed up for one of our monthly giving schedules/programs. There are special gifts and awards for each gambit. So which chess opening will you choose? How you choose to begin the game will determine how you finish. To set up a monthly giving and join the King's Court just click the link under the gambit level you want.  

The Queen's Gambit ($1-$49)

Per Month Investment               Provides

$10                                               Tee shirts for 10 kids 

$20                                               Online coach (Think Like a King) for 10 kids.

$30                                               Chess boards for 18 kids

The Stafford Gambit ($50-$299)

Per Month Investment               Provides

$50                                               Demo boards for 12 clubs

$75                                               Tee Shirst for 50 kids

$100                                             A coach for 1 club the entire year

The King's Gambit ($300-$1000)

Per Month Investment              Provides

$300                                             Entire program cost for 10 kids

$500                                             Entire program cost for 30 kids

$1000                                           Entire program cost for 60 kids

Individual Gifts

One Time Online Investment: Just click this link to give an indvidual investment in our kids.

Tribute/Memorial:  Make a gift in honor or in memory of a special person. Birthdays, anniversaries, teacher appreciation week, holidays. Honorees will receive notice of your thoughtfulness.

Stock Transfer:  Make a donation of appreciated securities and you may receive an immediate tax deduction and savings on capital gains taxes you would have incurred had you sold the stock. Please consult your tax advisor before transferring stock.

Legacy Giving

Retirement Assets:  Donating retirement assets, retirement plans, and life insurance policies is one of the best ways to make a gift. Naming Chess for Success as a beneficiary (or contingent beneficiary) of all or a percentage of your IRA, 401(k), or other retirement plan assets can save your estate both income and estate taxes.

Planned Gift:  Bequests can be made for specific dollar amounts, a percentage of your estate, or for a remainder amount. If Chess for Success is already a part of your estate plan, please let us know.

Chess for Success will gladly accept a charitable gift annuity. Please contact your financial planner or tax advisor before finalizing an estate plan.

Please contact our Development Office to learn more about Legacy Giving options.

Curtis Young, Executive Director
or Jonathan Francis, Philanthropy Officer
503-295-1230 Ext. 100 or 800-285-7660 and

Chess for Success is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization: Tax ID 93-1208405