Strategic Supporters


A plan, method, or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result.

Strategy is an important element of chess. One of the many benefits of participation in Chess for Success is that students learn to be strategic thinkers. Students in the program also gain increased self-esteem, exhibit better behavior and show improved academic performance – all while having fun and playing chess.

Help Chess for Success reach more kids by becoming a Strategic Supporter with your monthly donation. Giving is easy and your ongoing support will provide a steady funding stream to support the children in our program. Every student in the program receives 24 weeks of after-school lessons, tournament opportunities, a chess set, and a club t-shirt.

Every contribution is appreciated, and the first 100 people to sign up as a Strategic Supporter get a certificate good for a free slice of pizza at Mississippi Pizza!

  • $5/month provides six chess sets for students to keep.
  • $12.50/month supports one child for a year in the program. 
  • $25/month pays for chess equipment and chess books for one school.
  • $83.33/month ($1000) provides 100 student-designed club t-shirts and entitles you to membership in the Chess for Success Round Table Society.


Give $5 per month or more and get a free slice of pizza from Mississippi Pizza!

Give $12.50 per month or more and get a free bag of coffee from Portland Roasting Coffee!

Sign up today to become a Strategic Supporter.

Thank you!