Our Vision & Values

Hillcrest Tournament

Vision Statement: Chess for Success provides youth of all backgrounds and abilities a powerful framework for success in school and life.

Mission Statement: To help children develop skills for success in school and life through learning chess.

Core Values:

  • Chess is a powerful tool to develop academic and social skills
  • Chess is about process over outcome-it's in the learning, not the winning
  • Chess is inclusive – no pre-requisite skill, ability, or achievement is required for participation
  • Chess is universal – chess can be learned regardless of background or ability
  • Chess is accessible – resources are used to promote equitable access in underserved schools and communities
  • Chess is data-informed - programs are monitored, evaluated, and adjusted for continuing improvement
  • Chess is empowering  for youth and communities
  • Chess is appreciative and values the contribution of teachers, volunteers, partners, and donors