Currently, the Chess for Success program is only offered in Oregon and SW Washington, and our reach is limited to the support we receive from individuals, businesses, and foundations. 

We know that all children can benefit from the skills learned at the chess board. That's why we offer our lesson plans for purchase.

Lessons are created so that adults without chess experience can teach children in groups or individually. If you have questions about our lessons, give us a call at (503) 295-1230 or email us. 

Lesson Plans

Through 30 expertly crafted lesson plans, your student(s) will be playing chess in no time. Plans include an introduction, teaching procedures, the ethics of scholastic chess, characteristics of a good chess club advisor, and tournament information. Our tournaments are open to all K-12 students in Oregon. The cost of lessons is $50.00.


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Part of the Chess for Success program is providing the school with chess books for the library. Chess is a game that can be picked up very quickly, but takes a lifetime to truly master. Here is a list of the books that Chess for Success provides all participating schools as well as additional recommendations.

Our program includes:

  • Chess Book for Kids by Jack Weeks
  • Chess Tactics by John A. Bain
  • Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games by Laszlo Polgar
  • Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by Bobby Fischer with Stuart Margulies, Ph.D. and Donn Mosenfelder
  • Welcome to the Game of Chess by Michael Kusen

Other books that you might enjoy:

  • How to Beat Your Dad at Chess by Murray Chandler  (ISBN: 1-901-98305-6)
  • Chess Tactics for Kids by Murray Chandler  (ISBN: 1-901-98399-4)
  • Chess Tactics for Champions by Susan Polgar   (ISBN: 0-812-93671-X)
  • Simple Checkmates by Anthony J. Gillam   (ISBN: 0-345-40307-X)
  • Simple Chess Tactics by Anthony J. Gillam   (ISBN: 0-7134-6513-1)
  • Beginning Chess by Bruce Pandolfini  (ISBN: 0-671-79501-5)
  • Winning Chess Openings by Bill Robertie   (ISBN: 1-580-42015-6)
  • Chess Tactics for Students by John Bain   (ISBN: 0-963-96140-3)
  • Pandolfini’s Endgame Course by Bruce Pandolfini  ( ISBN: 0-671-65688-1)
  • Chessercizes by Bruce Pandolfini  (ISBN: 0-671-70184-3)
  • Weapons of Chess by Bruce Pandolfini  ( ISBN: 0-671-65972-4)