About CFS


To grow in size and resources so that we may reach as many children as possible through our innovative program.


To help children develop the skills necessary for success in school and in life through learning chess.


Helping children succeed, one move at a time

Chess for Success is a leading education organization where K-8th grade students learn skills that are often overlooked: critical-thinking, good decision-making, patience and understanding the consequences of their actions. Self-confidence increases when they play chess, students are seen as smart--and they start to see themselves that way.

Every day the students in our clubs face the very real challenges of living in poverty. And because they attend schools in low-income areas, they face low expectations and lack of opportunities that can be devastating. Chess can change both.

The students who participate in Chess for Success:

Score 17% higher in math*

Score 10% higher in reading*

Are more self-confident

35% girls (nationally, less than 10% of girls play chess)

An average of 73% of the students CFS serves qualify for free or reduced meal programs


*Results are based on the study conducted by Education Northwest and funded by the U.S.. Congress.  For more information about the study visit the study section under the program tab.